Say What You Mean


WEDNESDAYS, 5:00 – 6:30PM PT

JANUARY 23 – APRIL 10, 2019

This course offers training in Oren Jay Sofer’s unique, integrated approach to communication. It is designed to support you to bring the principles and practices of Say What You Mean into your daily life and relationships. With expert guidance from the author, you’ll learn ways to:

  • Feel confident during conversations

  • Stay focused on what really matters in any interaction

  • Reduce anxiety before and during difficult conversations

  • Listen for the authentic concerns behind another’s words

  • Strengthen your capacity for resilience and empathy


Meditation in Daily Life

Six-week Online Course

“Probably the most important question that people ask when they leave retreats is, ‘How do I carry this forward?’ This is the real place of practice.”
—Jack Kornfield

Learn how to bring mindfulness practice into your daily life in this unique online course with Oren. Registration includes lifetime access to all course materials, plus:

• Guidance from founding Insight Teachers
• Interactive, live Q&A with Course Leaders
• Mentoring for your practice
• Talks and guided meditations geared for integration
• Membership in our online community

Dates: Open year-round, enroll at any time

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How many times have you had an awkward chat with your boss? Or a stupid fight with your significant other? Learn how to strengthen relationships, navigate differences, and make conversations clearer, easier, and more effective. 

emotional agility

When it comes to emotions, we're presented with a basic choice: ignore them, act on them, or be in touch with them. Get practical tools for responding wisely to our emotions, instead of reacting blindly. 


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