Talks on Meditation and Mindful Communication



Guided Mindfulness Meditation  Insight Meditation Society: 05.18.17
Guided Metta Meditation  Insight Meditation Society: 02.22.15
Instructions on Thoughts and Emotions  Insight Meditation Society: 2.23.16
Establishing the Anchor Mt. Eden Retreat: 11.30.17
Strengthening Gratitude [download only]
The Equanimity of Being Here  White Heron Sangha: 06.02.18
Equanimity In Relationship  White Heron Sangha: 06.03.18
Exploring Needs  Barre Center For Buddhist Studies: 12.09.17
Joy And Gratitude Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 03.25.18
Self-Compassion Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 10.13.18

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Featured Talks

The Spirit of Play in Meditation: Enjoying Meditation Practice Insight Meditation Berkeley: 07.19.18
What is Real Dialogue? Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 04.20.18
Technology, Meditation & Relationship Cambridge Insight Meditation Center: 12.06.17
Refuge, Refugees & Charlottesville: Dharma in 2017 Insight Meditation Center: 08.20.17
Five Ways to Transform your Meditation Practice Cambridge Insight Meditation Center: 03.22.17


Just Enough Mindfulness Mt. Eden Retreat: 11.29.17
How We Wake Up (part 1): Mindfulness  New York Insight: 07.31.15
How We Wake Up (part 2): Equanimity  New York Insight: 08.07.15
Meeting the Heart and Mind: The Third Foundation  Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 03.06.15
Equanimity: The Balance of Awareness  Insight Meditation Society: 02.26.15
Mindfulness of Emotions (4 Part Series)  Insight Meditation Center: 03.03.16
Mindfulness of Emotions  Cambridge Insight Meditation Center: 02.24.16

Wise Speech

The Path of Wise Speech  Insight Meditation Center: 01.27.14
The Path of Wise Speech  Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: 07.24.15
Speech as Foundation and Insight  Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: 07.25.15

The Heart

The Strength of Kindness Insight Meditation Society: 03.18.17
The Gift of Gratitude Insight Meditation Center: 11.13.17
Compassion, Willingness & Courage  Insight Meditation Society: 03.20.17
Devotion: The Heart of Practice  Insight Meditation Society: 11.08.14
Renunciation in Lay Life  Insight Meditation Center: 01.31.15
'Where are you Coming From?'  Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 06.17.14
Love and Lineage  Insight Meditation Center: 02.14.16
The Inner Friend  Insight Meditation Society: 02.22.16
Empathy and the Practice of Relationship  Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 06.12.13
Sangha and The Relational Field of Practice  Spirit Rock Meditation Center:  06.03.11


Recollection of the Buddha  Marin Sangha: 02.01.15
Recollection of Dhamma and Sangha  Marin Sangha: 02.08.15
Recollection of Death  Marin Sangha: 02.15.15


Everyday Mindfulness and Concentration  Marin Sangha: 10.11.15
Seeing with Eyes of Wisdom  Marin Sangha: 10.18.15
Cultivating the Wholesome  Marin Sangha: 10.25.15
Relationship & Wise Speech  Marin Sangha: 11.01.15


Meditation for Pain  Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 07.17.16
Journey to Embodiment  Insight Meditation Society: 11.01.14
The Five Spiritual Faculties  Spirit Rock Meditation Center: 08.07.14
The Taste of The Teachings  Insight Meditation Center: 07.20.14
Impermanence and Letting Go  Bozeman Insight: 09.29.15

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