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In Say What You Mean, Oren Jay Sofer offers a unique and pragmatic approach to deepening and improving relationships by transforming our patterns of speaking and listening. With a step-by-step approach for lasting changes in our fundamental orientation to communication, Oren brings a clear, new voice to the world of interpersonal communication. Learn to:

  • Feel confident during conversation

  • Stay focused on what really matters in an interaction

  • Listen for the authentic concerns behind what others say

  • Reduce anxiety before and during difficult conversations

  • Find nourishment in day-to-day interactions

“I'm a therapist who works with families and am constantly thinking about and working on my own ability to communicate. No other book I've read has helped me with this as much as this book has.”

“Inspiring, engaging and practical.”

“This book stands out above and beyond all the other communication books I have read. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

Talks on Mindful Communication

Mindful Communication Trainings:

BayNVC Immersion Program:
Eight-month intensive in Nonviolent Communication
One weekend / month: March - October, 2019

Relational Dharma: Waking Up Together:
6-day Residential Retreat
May 3-9, 2019: Barre, MA

Wise Speech Retreat:
6-day Non-residential Retreat
August 20-15, 2019: Berkeley, CA.