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Oren brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to living and speaking mindfully. His teaching combines decades of formal training in Buddhist meditation, somatics, and Nonviolent Communication with everyday experience working in the world. 

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Learn powerful practices
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Say What You Mean is a guide for meaningful conversations that bring people together. In it, Oren Jay Sofer offers a practical approach to improving relationships and making lasting changes in your communication. His unique method combines the wisdom of mindfulness with the potent framework of Nonviolent Communication. Learn to:

• Feel confident during conversation
• Speak so others will hear you
• Stay focused on what really matters in an interaction
• Listen for the authentic concerns behind what others say


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Support Rohingya Refugees, Speak out Against Violence

We live in a world of both beauty and tragedy. In our own country here in the US, there is real violence daily: the damaging effects of racism, police brutality, and the unseen violence of poverty and income inequality.


I strive to live by principles of nonviolence and compassionate action, and stand in solidarity with all those who suffer from oppression of any kind. As a Theravada Buddhist teacher, I am disturbed to know of the discrimination, hate speech, and ethnic cleansing in Myanmar (formerly Burma). I feel particularly troubled and heartbroken to know that there are members of the monastic Buddhist sangha who actively support such actions, or who are complicit through their silence. As such, I invite you to join me and other Buddhist practitioners in speaking out against such violence. I invite you to:

  1. Sign this letter to the Myanmar State Sangha and government officials, urging them to condemn the violence and support the refugees.

  2. Donate to respected nonprofit organizations working on the ground in the Rohingya refugee camps. A list of reliable orgs can be found online here.

  3. Spread the word. Share this information with friends and sangha; share on social media and email.