Wise Friends

Because goodness has gravity
I slipped into the kindness of your big voice
When you called my name and greeted me with a smile.

Because goodness has gravity
You sat with me,
Poured hot tea and listened.

Because of this simple fact,
You stood at my back in the park
And sang my song to help me remember.

One evening you caught my light -
Your eyes flashed across the room, smiled
and said, “You’re alright.”

“This may be the most useful thing you learn
here in college,” you said over the stove,
When you taught me to make fresh tomato sauce for our pasta.

You showed me the way when you stopped
And stood in the sunlight,
Closing your eyes and turning your face to the sky.

And every time you placed an extra dollar bill
Upon the table –
The waiter’s service being beside the point;

And out on the bridge, walking over the wide, sandy riverbed
You told me, “Here! Here!” 
When your fingers touched my forearm.

There is a force to this kindness.
It enters your hands, your tongue and your feet.
It gathers momentum until it fills your whole being
And you can no longer harm even yourself.

Now I hug everyone I can
Because our time here is too short
To withhold even a glance of our goodness.

Because goodness has gravity
I slipped into your kindness

There’s nothing you can do – there’s no use trying.
You’re in my heart now, 
and you can’t ever leave.