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Bringing Ease to Pain: Meditation for Pain Management

  • Spirit Rock Meditation Center 5000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Woodacre, CA, 94973 United States (map)

Two Day Non-residential Retreat

Along with the gifts of a human body come inevitable experiences of physical discomfort: from daily aches to illness, aging, and chronic pain. In this two day retreat, we will explore how to work skillfully with pain in the body, and how practicing wisely with pain strengthens the heart and can be a doorway to release. The day will include silent meditation as well as guided movement, reflection, dialogue and practical tools for working with pain.

The workshop will present core teachings of the Buddha on right view, right attitude, and feeling tone (vedana) as applied to the experience of physical pain and illness. Participants will learn how Buddhist wisdom teachings, specific reflections, and meditation practices can be used to develop more compassion, insight and freedom in relation to experiences of unpleasant sensations commonly regarded as “pain.” This retreat is appropriate for general meditators, those living with chronic pain, caregivers and those working with other in pain.

CEs available.