The BayNVC Immersion Program: 8-month NVC Intensive

with Oren Jay Sofer & Roxy Manning
March - October, 2019

Nonviolent Communication is about more than what you say.

It’s about developing internal resources to realize our potential and live in line with our values. It’s about showing up authentically and compassionately in all circumstances, learning to care more fully for ourselves and for others, and transforming moments of immobility and helplessness into experiences of power and choice.

The Immersion Program offers training to:

  • Transform recurring conflicts
  • Enhance your ability to support others
  • Find more balance and clarity with your own “triggers”
  • Shift areas of your life that seem stuck
  • Deepen your capacity for listening and empathy
  • Build community focused on nonviolence

About the Program

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The BayNVC Immersion Program (BIP) supports participants to deepen their understanding and embodiment of key principles and applications of Nonviolent Communication. It begins with the five day residential Living Peace Retreat, February 15-20, 2019, and continues with eight monthly weekend workshops. (Though not required, most participants attend the retreat.)

BIP attracts a range of NVC practitioners: those who are relatively new as well as more experienced students, including alumni of BayNVC’s Leadership Program and previous Immersion Programs. Participants find great value in the continuity of the monthly meetings and the opportunity to learn and grow in a lively community.

“Being in the Immersion Program with Roxy has transformed my life in a thousand positive ways . . . BIP has helped me to experiment with living in a way that has more joy and authenticity. And this is just the beginning of all the positive changes rippling out through my life.”
— Sarah, BIP Participant, 2017

2019 Program Dates:

Living Peace Retreat: 5-day Residential training, February 15-20, Boulder Creek CA.
Please register separately for the Living Peace Retreat here.

8-month Intensive: Monthly weekend programs, 9:30am - 5:00pm, Berkeley, CA.

  • March 16, 17: A Strong and Vital Heart: Empathy under Fire
  • April 13, 14: The Myth of Perfection: Maturing through Self-acceptance and Growth
  • May 18, 19: Being Real When It Counts: Authenticity and Vulnerability
  • June 8, 9: Radical Responsibility: Giving and Receiving Without Shame
  • July 13 & 21: Multiple workshops on different topics with guest trainers.*
  • August 17, 18: The Art of Healing: Mourning and Reconciliation
  • September 14, 15: Bridging the Gap: Skills for Mediation
  • October 12, 13:  A Deeper Freedom: Power, Resources and Choice

Please download and read the BIP Info Packet before applying.
You are invited to bring friends or family to the July workshops, free of charge!


What You Receive:

  • Expert training from Certified NVC Trainers
  • Personalized coaching in small groups
  • Extensive training curriculum and NVC reference materials
  • Weekly calls with an empathy buddy
  • Monthly practice assignments and journal topics 
  • Optional small group sessions on specific interest topics
  • One 30-45 minute private NVC coaching session
  • Access to an ongoing program email group
  • Opportunity to build and local community

Who's it for?

This program is appropriate for those newer to Nonviolent Communication as well as for experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their practice. (Applicants are expected to have some prior training in NVC.) Past years have drawn therapists, activists, teachers, nurses, doctors, writers, artists, engineers, life coaches, and many more.

“Oren is a master teacher and facilitator. His class taught me how to manage conflict, embody empathy, and connect with what really matters in every situation.”
— Joshua Berkowitz, Mindfulness Instructor

Program Leadership

The BayNVC Immersion Program will be co-led by Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainers Roxy Manning, Ph.D. and Oren Jay Sofer, and will be supported by a team of experienced NVC assistants. Our leadership team is designed to provide significant individualized coaching in small groups, with an average teacher to student ratio of four or five to one.


Roxy Manning, Ph.D., a CNVC Certified Trainer, has been co-leading BayNVC’s Leadership Program since 2008. A passionate champion of social justice, she brings NVC to her work as a licensed clinical psychologist serving homeless populations, and has supported groups around the world interested in causes from LGBTQ rights to equity and transformation of social structures related to race, ethnicity and social class. Roxy lives in San Lorenzo where she brings NVC to her most rewarding work as a mother.


Oren Jay Sofer, a CNVC Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, teaches workshops and retreats on meditation and communication nationally. His teaching emphasizes how awareness practice and communication training deepen one another in a synergistic manner. He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University, is a Somatic Experiencing for healing trauma, and is a member of the Spirit Rock Teachers Council. Oren is also the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication.

Program Cost

Sliding Scale Tuition: $4000 - $2000
Our sliding scale is intended to make this program accessible to people of a wide range of income levels. Please choose an amount that reflects your ability to contribute. People who contribute at the top of the sliding scale support our ability to offer spaces at a cost below the bottom of the sliding scale to those who would otherwise be unable to participate. Scholarships and youth rates (24 and younger) available. Details below.
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Please download and read the BIP Info Packet before applying.
Sponsored by BayNVC.


We wish to support all people who are passionate about this work to have access to it, independent of their current access to financial resources. We recognize that, because of various social and economic systems, some people experience financial barriers to participating in events with cost-based attendance.

We are explicitly inviting participation by people who come from any of the following communities. We know that when these people are included, all communities benefit:

  • People with visible or invisible disabilities

  • People who do not have white skin privilege and/or who come from communities who have been targets of racism

  • Low-income/Poor or Working class people (please refer to this definition as a guideline when self-identifying in this category)

If you identify as part of one of the communities listed above and would like to be considered for a low-cost space, please let us know by filling out this form. Preference will be given to those who are new to this work and who have not attended past events at reduced or no cost.


“Roxy is a natural healer with a huge capacity to hold pain and and create space for deep healing. I love the way Roxy facilitates groups; there’s something about her energy and the way she leans forward that inspires me and gives me hope.”

— Martha Lasley, Founder and Certified Coach, Leadership that Works


“The Living Peace retreat and BayNVC Immersion Program were life changing for me.  My ability to make peace with myself and others grew exponentially. This is a gift that keeps on giving in ways I had only dared to hope.”

— Astraea Bella, LCSW, Relational Therapist, BIP 2014


“Being able to tune in to myself and become more fully present while in the presence of challenges with loved ones has been revolutionary. This training is making me more attuned as a therapist.”

— Kitty Costello, Author and Psychotherapist, San Francisco, CA


“This practice has brought me closer to my family and friends than any other life event. I see the world as a more beautiful place now.”

— Laura W., Middle School Teacher, Oakland, CA.