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Mindful Communication & Dharma Teaching

Oren J. Sofer

Integrating the tools and insights of Buddhist meditation, Somatics and Nonviolent Communication, Oren brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to living and speaking mindfully. His teaching combines decades of formal training and study with everday experience working in the world. He leads classes, workshops and retreats nationally in mindfulness, Dharma practice, and interpersonal communication.


As part of his commitment to support others to live the values of a spirtual path in daily life, Oren works with individuals in on-going, personal Dharma Mentoring relationships. He also leads residential Wise Speech retreats, which offer one of the only opportunities in the United States today to learn and practice NVC and Right Speech within the context of the Buddha's teachings.


Blog: Why Can't I Get to the Cushion?

This is a common question for meditators, and one that I have had to examine closely in myself at times. In this two-part series, I offer some reflections on how we lose our momemtum, and how to work skillfully with finding our way back. Read the full post...