The Path of Wise Speech, Redwood City, CA: 01.27.14
Words that Lead to Awakening, Barre, MA: 12.07.17
Balance and Strength in Difficult Conversations, Barre, MA: 12.10.17
Mindful Communication Daylong, Redwood City, CA: 06.18.16
Real Dialogue & Healthy Relationships (part 1), Woodacre, CA: 10.07.17
Real Dialogue & Healthy Relationships (part 2), Woodacre, CA: 10.07.17

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Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication

In Say What You Mean, Oren Jay Sofer offers a unique and pragmatic approach to deepening and improving relationships by transforming our patterns of speaking and listening. With a step-by-step approach for lasting changes in our fundamental orientation to communication, Oren brings a clear, new voice to the world of interpersonal communication.


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