Each Live, 90-minute session with Oren includes:

  • Teachings on a key aspect of self-expression

  • Guided meditations and/or somatic exercises

  • Live 1-on-1 coaching and demonstrations of tools with students

  • Interactive Q&A and 1-on-1 role plays with Oren

What else You Receive from Oren:

  • Q&A and correspondence with Oren and course assistant

  • Weekly practice assignments and journal topics

  • Optional weekly calls with a practice buddy

  • Lifetime access to course recordings

  • Continuing Education Units (see below)

Who's it for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills, have successful conversations and more meaningful relationships. All are welcome; no prior meditation or communication experience is required. The course is appropriate for those newer to Nonviolent Communication as well as for experienced practitioners seeking to deepen their skills. Participants are strongly encouraged to read Oren’s books Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication before the course.

Oren’s students include psychologists, therapists, doctors, nurses and healthcare practitioners, chaplains, entrepreneurs, software developers, teachers, writers, artists, life coaches, lawyers, police, engineers, civil servants, and many more.

Continuing Education Units

CEs are available for therapists, psychologists, social workers and chaplains. Professional Credits are available for teachers. See here for more information on CEs and Professional Credits.

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“Oren creates a warm spirit of community through his from-the-heart lectures, interactive Q&A, role playing, the online forum and his encouragement to practice regularly. I will definitely be signing up for his next class!”
— Jackie Berner, Meditation Instructor

Logistics & Registration

Say What You Mean: 6-week LIVE Online Course with Oren

Dates: Thursdays, October 17 – November 21, 2019
: 5:00 – 6:30pm PT / 8:00 – 9:30pm ET
Full Tuition:
$200 per person
Buddy Discount: $25 OFF per person when you register with a friend
Group Discount: $50 OFF per person for groups of 4+
Scholarships available. Check our FAQ for questions.

Register Now
“Oren’s online course experience combines multiple learning modalities proven to shift mindset and behavior... This was one of the best learning experiences in my 30+ year career!”
— Stace Williams, Leadership Development Consultant
“An exceptional class for anyone interested in building inner and outer capacity for achieving win-win outcomes and a more compassionate world. Highly recommend this fun, engaging, rewarding and well structured course.”
— Cynthia, Technology Sales
“Amazing class and skilled instruction! This class will teach you how find your voice and to speak with integrity in difficult conversations.”
— David Armbruster, Ph.D; Cambridge, NY, Corporate Facilitator

I took your 12-week course “Say What You Mean,” based on the book. Will this be different?

Yes. This course is focused specifically on authentic self-expression and will include new material and different practices than the 12-week course. If you haven’t taken the 12-week course, you are still welcome to participate in this course.

Do I need to read the book to take this course?

We strongly recommend reading the book Say What You Mean prior to (or during) the course. It will provide a complete framework and solid foundation for the learning in the course.

How do I get the early bird discount?

Simply register before September 1st and select the “Full Tuition” option. The $20 discount will be applied at check-out. Early bird discount does not apply to the “buddy” and “group” rate discounts.

How much of the course is taught by Oren and how much by the course assistant?

The course is taught entirely by Oren, with ample opportunities for coaching and personal exchanges. The course assistant’s sole role is to provide extra support with written correspondence via Q&A in the online group forum between sessions.

I have to miss a few of the sessions. Will they be recorded?

Yes. All of the live sessions will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards. Participants will have indefinite access to the audio recordings from the course.

My internet is slow. Can I call in by phone?

Yes - you can join the live calls on your laptop, mobile device, or by dialing in by phone. For laptop and mobile you will need to download the Zoom app (instructions will be provided. For phone, you must be able to place a call to regular number (it is not a toll-free call).

Does the course include anything else other than the 90 minute weekly sessions?

Yes. In addition to the live 90-minute sessions, each week includes: a written reflection from Oren; suggestions for practice; optional interactive exercises with a buddy; optional online correspondence in the course forums.

How much time will it take me to participate in the course each week?

That depends on you. The minimum amount of time is 90 minutes for the weekly sessions. We recommend spending at least another hour per week doing the practices. Some participants may choose to spend more or less time depending on their schedule.

I can’t afford the tuition for the course. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

Yes. We’re committed to making these tools and training available to everyone regardless of their ability to pay. Scholarships are offered on a self-selected honors system. Click here for more information on scholarships.

My schedule changed and I’m no longer available on Thursday evenings. Can I get a refund?

Since all sessions are recorded and available for viewing afterwards, we encourage you to stay in the course and simply view (or listen) to the sessions on your own schedule. If you would still like to cancel, you may do so as long as we receive your request before the course begins, less a $25 administrative fee. There is no refund after the course begins on October 17th.

Is there a cost for CEs and Professional credits? How do I apply?

Yes. Please see here for complete information on CEs.

TESTIMONIALS From Oren’s Previous Online Class

“The skills I developed studying with Oren have been extremely valuable in both my professional and personal interactions ... I can’t recommend his highly beneficial trainings enough.”
— Dr. Michael Aanavi, PhD, LAc.
“I loved Oren’s 12-week online course… It has given me insights into my own communication style and many practical strategies to improve my conversations.”
— Yin Mee Cheah, Educational consultant
“Oren’s teachings and guided practices have strengthened my ability to care for myself and others when communication becomes a challenge. I am more present and intentional in my relationship with myself and others, which widens my perspective and enriches my experience.”
— Maya Schofield, Elementary Public School Teacher
“In his book and course, Oren’s teaching style is vibrant, relevant and so supportive as we try and find our way in this complicated, challenging world.”
— Lauri Flick-Harty, M.A., L.P.C., Psychotherapist
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cutmypic (1).png
“The combination of mindfulness and communication skills in Oren’s course dramatically shifted how I engage in conversation. What I’ve learned ... has had an enormous impact on my life in both my personal and professional relationships.”
— Dr. Patricia L. Huertas, MD.
“Oren Jay Sofer is a generous, insightful, and skilled individual who embodies what he teaches. This made learning fun, relevant, and satisfying. I increased my sensitivity for listening, and discovered a capacity for more empathy and ease with myself and others. Human communication is complex and this course demystified some of that complexity for me, helping me relax around the challenge of releasing old habits and embracing new ones.”
— Amy Ward Brimmer, Wellness Educator / Somatics Practitioner
This online course is exceptional! It provides invaluable information for creating better communication skills… evokes profound insight, and the cultivation of a wise heart to our relationships.
— Marsha J. Gehl, DC; Sonora, CA
“I regularly practice yoga and meditation and have struggled with certain aspects of finding my voice. Oren’s course was a complete game changer for me, and I can’t stop recommending the book and this course to everyone who will listen... I thought this would benefit me and my struggles at work. It ended up being so much bigger. My son and I have a healthier relationship and my marriage is stronger and so full of love.”
— Rosanna Stephens, Knowledge Manager, Technology Corporations