2019 BIP Summer Guest workshops

July 13:

NVC for Couples: Walking the Sweet Two-way Street, with Meganwind eoyang

Dealing With Loss: Grief’s Gift, with Kristin Masters

* NOTE: Different Location: Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA
Lotus Room #114. Parking map here.

July 21:

NVC And Writing, with Janey SKinner

Embodied NVC, with Susan Strasburger

Sacred Stream Foundation, 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley CA

NVC for Couples: Walking the Sweet Two-Way Street
July 13th — 9am-12pm
with Meganwind Eoyang

Rudramandir, Lotus Room #114 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA

Nonviolent Communication can support couples to build closer bonds, enrich their connection, heal hurts and re-establish trust, even when there have been disappointments and harsh words. In this workshop, we will explore some of the principles that make NVC especially helpful for couples, do some exercises to integrate them, and see a demonstration of a “slow-motion conversation” to support couples (one form of NVC mediation). No NVC experience is needed for this session, and everyone is welcome who is interested in bringing compassion into communications – in their own primary relationships, or even with their children, co-workers, employees or supervisors.  While we will orient to couples, no partner is needed for this exploration.


About the Instructor

Meganwind Eoyang grew up involved in street fighting on Chicago’s South Side, studied and taught martial arts and went on to learn full force fighting. Though these activities brought a sense of safety, they offered no way of connecting with others. For her, Nonviolent Communication delivered effective ways to connect, and a new way of looking at the world. Today, she offers training in NVC (since 2002) for the public, colleges and organizations; individual and couples support sessions; mediation; and as a founding member & manager of the Safer Communities Project, teaches weekly NVC classes for inmates in San Quentin State Prison, in county jails, and for parolees and their families.

Dealing With Loss: Grief’s Gift
July 13th — 1pm-4pm
with Kristin Masters, CNVC Certified Trainer

Rudramandir, Lotus Room #114 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA

If NVC is partly a relationship to needs of celebrations and mournings, then we may be well served to grow our capacity to deal with the losses and the mournings. This session aims to do just that-to shed light on your relationship to loss, grief and mourning, no matter the origin (persons, places, pets, planet or social justice. ) This is for all of us. You won't be left in despair or overwhelm.

Kristin Masters Headshot.jpeg

About the Instructor

Kristin Masters has long been a group facilitator and diversity trainer, and loves helping groups find ways to move toward the goals of their good work more easily. She is currently engaged in learning, teaching and sharing compassionate communication, and is a certified NVC trainer through CNVC. Kristin finds great interest in the inner work of NVC, drawing on Robert Gonzales’ Living Compassion work to support greater self responsibility and freedom from the kind of suffering that stems from victim thinking. This kind of awareness of our inner world allows for an empowered approach to partnering, parenting, working and social change.

NVC And Writing
July 21st — 9am-12pm
with Janey Skinner

Sacred Stream Foundation: 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley CA

This workshop will use free-writing exercises (no experience needed!) to open avenues to self-connection, combined with empathic listening as we share from what we write.  This process can be surprisingly moving, grounding, and playful, all at once.


About the Instructor

Janey Skinner has been practicing NVC since 1998. She is a writer, teacher, and public health practitioner. She has been leading a group on NVC and writing for a year and a half now, and is enjoying the exploration of how to bring together these two passions.

Embodied NVC
July 21st — 1pm-4pm
with Susan Strasburger, PhD, CNVC Certified Trainer

Sacred Stream Foundation: 2149 Byron Street, Berkeley CA

We'll experience various practices that incorporate body awareness, movement and playful, heartful improvisation tools. Each of these can support deeper self-connection and more creative access to self-expression, teaching us more about ourselves in the process. You might feel lighter and freer - or - tender and aware of new pathways for healing. At each practice opportunity, you're welcome to participate fully or simply (though importantly!) witness.

Susan Strasburger.jpeg

About the Instructor

Susan Strasburger, PhD, has a private counseling practice with individuals and couples in Emeryville, and offers coaching and mediation to leaders and teams in organizations, nationwide. Susan learned NVC over 20 years ago, but started truly “living it” during Bay NVC’s Immersion Program in 2007. Since then she has been on leadership teams for therapists, couples and individuals, continually inspired and gratified by the power of learning in community. As a member of Wing-It Performance Ensemble in Oakland, Susan also enjoys bringing somatic practices and improvisation to her teaching of NVC.